Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cracker - Acoustic 4/4/2006, Catscradle.

Johnny Hickman and David Lowery had originally scheduled this acoustic gig for December, but it got postponed due to illness. So by the time April 4 rolled around I was pretty excited about the concert. First of all it was at the Cats Cradle in Carrboro which is my favorite venue. Its just the right size and is now smoke free - only in Carrboro! The line up was Hickman on electric guitar (his lucky number 7 customized Gibson LP, with the Kahler trem), Lowery on a parlor size nylon string acoustic and Kenny Margolis on keyboards and accordian. They came on at 10 and played basically non-stop to 12:20! Fantastic. I can't remember the complete set list but here are the ones I did.
Duty Free
Might makes right
Wedding day
Guarded by Monkeys
all her favorite fruit
dr bernice
eurotrash girl
Mr wrong
One fine day
Another song about the rain

There wasn't a huge crowd so we stood near the stage - it was a great show. Both Lowery and Hickman played hard and seemed intent on giving the audience a great evening. There was little chit chat apart from some talk about the greatest hits album. The sound was clear and not too loud. To check out some of their live performances see the link to the internet music archive.

Cracker has a greatest hits album out - Greatest Hits Redux - in which they re-recorded a bunch of classics. Its a really great record. They released the album on the same day that Virgin records released its own greatest hits cracker album. Virgin dropped Cracker from the label a couple of years back and didn't promote the Forever album. The timing of the Virgin record was bad because Cracker was getting ready to release their latest album "Greenland". Greenland has been delayed until June.

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