Sunday, April 09, 2006

Other gigs...2003 - 2005

Just thought I would list other gigs I have seen recently, and some links to online reviews.

Queens of the Stone Age (Disco Rodeo, 3/23/2003)
A great gig, although mind crushingly loud.

The White Stripes (Disco Rodeo, 6/16/2003)
Fantastic, minimalist rock. They played quite a few non-album songs, and generally mixed it up a lot.

Jeff Beck (Cary Ampitheatre, 9/7/2003)
Jeff Beck was on a double bill with BB King. He had a drummer with the largest kit I have ever seen, plus a keyboardist. The gig was too short, but the hour or so he played was fantastic. After seeing him it is hard not to consider him one of the greatest living guitarists. As for BB. Well, BB is more of a show man, you feel that he really should just get a regular gig at some casino and entertain the tourists. I think the thrill has gone. Sorry BB.

Sleater Kinney and Pearl Jam (Alltell Pavillion, 2003)
We were probably the only people there who actually were more interested in S-K the PJ. S-K are a remarkable band. By combining a detuned guitar instead of a bass they are able to turn out a fantastic sound. PJ didn't dissapoint - they played the usual greats.

Interpol (Disco Rodeo, 2/27/2005)

Cracker (Downtown Athletic Club - Benefit gig, 4/9/2005)
This was the first time I saw Cracker. The event was a Tsunami benefit put on by bandtogethernc. Because a fair amount of the evening was spent on long winded speeches, the band only got about 50 minutes of time. Most people there didn't seem to interested except for a few core fans who crowded around the stage. They played a good mix of songs.

Muse (Disco Rodeo, 4/13/2005)
Its hard to know how seriously you should take Muse. On one hand the threesome are fantastic musicians and write great songs, yet from time to time they descend into somewhat ridiculous prog-rock mode. This was another loud concert, and was especially bad during the piano pieces. Overall, a very intense and tight band and well worth seeing.

British Sea Power (Cats Cradle, 5/11/2005)
If I had to pick an all time fave gig, this would probably be it. BSP came on in their usual famous five/world war one get up. The stage was bedecked with foliage, presumably grabbed from the trees outside. There was virtually no talking from the band, they just played a good range of their songs of both albums (I have the set list posted). Surprisingly few people there, but the band has not received much attention in the US, particularly after MTV banned their "it ended on an oily stage" song. I have yet to figure out why (OK, I know the reason given, but it seems pretty lame.)

Pixies (Disco Rodeo, 6/12/2005)

Doves (Cats Cradle, 9/19/2005)

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