Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The White Stripes - Get behind me satan

I'm a big fan of the Stripes. Saw them at Disco Rodeo and they were fantastic. Unfortunately this album is a dud. A really big dud. While the raw garage band sound is the trademark of the band, you would think that at least some time and effort would be put into writing the songs. Or at least the songs would sound like they weren't made up 5 minutes before somewhat hit the record button in the studio. The album sounds like a collection of weak ideas for songs, songs that have lyrics but really need some work on the tunes. Jack White also expands his musical tool box from his trusty airline guitar to a marimba and some other goofy instruments - but why? The whole record is uninteresting, unpolished and frankly dull. I'd give it a miss. But I already heard it so I give it 2/10.

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