Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eric Johnson (Cats Cradle, Aug 29, 2006)

Eric Johnson is a techinically brilliant guitarist - there is no doubt, but during parts of his show, I was beginning to wish he wasn't quite so good. Things came to a head at about 11pm when he played a 7 minute intro to Cliffs of Dover. Intro is probably a generous description, a better one might be to say that he basically played every scale pattern known to man, 30 times over. It was tedious. Boring and frankly annoying.

Up until that point, he was great - playing a range of new material - which sounded pretty good, a little hendrix (angel) and some country style jam. SRV was the highlight for me.

I have read other reviews that said he played a long encore which included Wind Cries Mary, but after the 7 minute display of scale patterns, I left and went home.

Next time - more music, less mindless arpeggios please.

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