Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cracker Acoustic (at the Pour House 2/2/07)

I caught the "Cracker acoustic duo" again live at Raleigh's Pour House bar on Moore's Square. This is a great venue with dozens on beers on tap and no smoking downstairs. Cracker (Johnny Hickman and David Lowery) were supported by the Hackensaw Boys

Here's a pic of the Hackesaws - I forgot my camera but I snagged this one from a fan on the Crackersoul message board. The Hackensaws were on first with their brand of fast energetic blue grass music. I am not much of a fan of blue grass - it evokes old guys on porches playing the fiddle. But these guys are fantastic - great tunes, a mix of humor and thoughtful songs, and great musicians to boot. I'll definitely try and catch them again.

Johnny and David came on after and kept it simple. Johnny playing his trusty lucky #7 Les Paul with the kahler trem, through a very well worn small combo amp. David was playing a nice looking nylon string acoustic. A mid size model that was a bit bigger than the one he had at the Cats Cradle last spring (see the review of that gig here). For the hard core Cracker fans: David was sans laptop.

Here's a pic of Cracker. They played a mix of Cracker and Camper songs, with at least one of Johnny Hickman's solo songs: "Friends" - which is on his solo album - Palmhenge. Halfway through the Hackensaw boys joined them on stage and jammed along. A truly fantastic show. I don't have the full set list but this is what I could remember:

(not in the right order)
One Fine Day
Teen Angst
Dr Bernice
Euro trash girl
All her favorite fruit
Something you ain't got
Glad she aint never coming back
Big dipper
Mr wrong
Been around the world

And then with the Hackensaw boys:
Might makes right
O Death

Please send a comment if I got it wrong.

At the end of the evening David and Johnny were meeting fans and signing DVDs and CDs, so my wife bought me an early birthday present (Camp out DVD - get yours here -its under "Pitchatent Merch" - but she won't let me see it til March). Anyhow, I got to meet Johnny and David which was a nice end to the evening. As usual I can't wait for the next time they are in town.

Oh and I also got to meet a couple of other hardcore cracker fans - a nice bunch of folks.

A little update. Here's a link to a few more pics taken that night by other fans.

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