Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Review: Cracker/Leftover Salmon "O'Cracker where art thou?

As a band, Cracker has always been alternative rock with country tendencies. Check out the brilliant album "Countrysides" which features the band's alter-ego "Ironic Mullet". "O' Cracker where are thou?" is a greatest hits collection that takes these tendencies further and re-records the classics with a blue grass band. Basically take a bunch of your fave Cracker songs and add banjos, pianos, fiddles etc, and you get the idea.

Some of the songs are quite different from the original and are very refreshing. "Get off this" is great - a lilting acoustic version. "Eurotrash girl" is about as un-euro as you could imagine, although DL's attempt to sing with a country drawl falters after a while. Some of the songs have less of a blus grass influence - for example "Ms santa Cruz County" pretty much moves along like the original, although with banjo riffs through out. The surprise on the record is "Low" with a haunting repeated banjo riff for the intro. The guitar solo, shows Johnny at his finest - with a devastating tone - a heavily overdriven LP - contrasts with the plicking of the banjo and is very effective, although you have to hear it to believe it.

My favorite on the record is the last track "waiting for you girl". This song originally appeared on the brilliant "Gentlemen's Blues". This version is similar to the original but features a beautiful piano accompaniment.

Overall, this album was a very pleasant surprise and well worth getting. You can order it from www.pitchatent.com.

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