Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Moaners Blackwing Yalobusha

The Moaners are a two piece blues band from Chapel Hill NC, although they are much more than a pure blues outfit. Their sound is a blend of Sleater Kinney and raw delta blues. SK were (they split up) one of the greatest indie bands out there. The Moaners almost pick up where SK left off and drench the sound in raw, bare bones blues. This is not your Stevie Ray Vaughan style texas blues, but your down and dirty gin joint in the middle of Mississippi blues.

The band is basically just drums and guitar, but the musicianship is awesome. The guitar work is minimal, abstract, tasteful and unexpected. There are no tired (and boring) BB King blues licks, but instead slide overlayed with distortion, dissonant notes and spine tingly rhythms. The drums are scary. Rather than just the simple stomp of the White Stripes, the rhythm drives much of the creativity and variation in the music.

Blackwing Yalobusha is the band's second album, and is excellent. This is not easy listening, but it is some of the most interesting music I've heard in a while.

Highly recommended. (9/10)